Repealing Obamacare’s Medical Device Tax

Last week—and with my support—the House passed the Protect Medical Innovation Act (H.R. 160) to repeal Obamacare’s medical device tax. Instead of focusing on policies that encourage medical innovation, the medical device tax raises the cost of health care products that millions of Americans rely on—including pacemakers, MRI machines, and insulin pumps. Only in Washington would this be considered a good idea.

The medical device tax is bad for the future of health care in TX19 and is bad for job creation and economic growth. While there is bipartisan support to repeal this tax, the Obama Administration continues to threaten to veto this common sense measure. We must continue to fight. Conservatives in Congress have a plan to shift the focus of health care in America back to the patients. Earlier this month, I cosponsored the American Health Care Reform Act—a bill to fully repeal Obamacare and put American families back in control of their health care decisions. Click here to learn more about the details of this conservative solution.


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