Senate GOP Has Delivered Real Results for American People

As I return to the nation's capital from home back in Austin, Texas so we can finish our work out before the end of the year, I wanted to relay some of the wisdom that I heard from working families and Texans back home about their verdict on what we have done so far this year and actually even last year.

We've delivered concrete results for the American people, and they've continued to see gains under this administration. Promises made and promises kept.

A historic number of judges who will interpret the law as written have been confirmed under this administration.

We saw the first major overhaul in the tax code in 31 years that lowered rates for every tax bracket, doubled the child tax credit to help working families, and made our business tax scheme more competitive globally.

We've also provided additional relief to our community banks and credit unions, so they're able to spend less money on red tape and more money invested in their local communities and their small businesses.

We've also done important things to help improve access to health care. We've repealed the Independent Payment Advisory Board provisions of Obamacare and repealed the costly individual mandate.

Thanks to 70 bipartisan proposals that were included in this landmark opioids bill, we not only addressed stemming the tide of drugs coming across our border but also supporting those who are trying to recover from a drug addiction.

In addition to the opioids bill, we took further steps to enhance the safety of our communities and help deliver help to victims. With three new laws, we aim to reduce the backlog of untested rape kits in forensic labs so that perpetrators of sexual assault could be identified with near-certainty, and those wrongly charged could be exonerated. We also have assisted our law enforcement in prosecuting cold cases and eradicating the scourge of online sex trafficking.

Access to health care had become a nightmare for many who sacrificed so much for our country.

And so we passed the VA Mission Act with an eye toward providing more accessible access to care in local communities.

Our record is clear, and the voters responded by rewarding the majority with an even greater Senate majority in the next Congress. But what we need to finish out the rest of this year strong.

Moving forward, we have a significant to-do list before we break for Christmas. We need to finalize the farm bill. We need to reauthorize a number of other bills. And despite the large number of nominations we've been able to get done before we recess, there's still a huge backlog of many executive branch nominations.

These are people who will enjoy broad, bipartisan support if we can just get our Democratic colleagues to quit the obstruction.

We just have a short time left to finish this Congress strong, but the past two years have been an unmitigated success for the country. We've delivered on promises we made. We've put money back in the pockets of hardworking families. We enhanced community safety and fought for victims. We've modernized infrastructure and supported our men and women in uniform. And I hope we can continue this momentum into the 116th Congress that begins in January.


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