Senator Cornyn Previews Donald Trump's 2019 State of the Union Address

Most of the American people probably aren't aware or need to be reminded of what has actually happened the last two years. And I hope the president will reflect on that. President Trump took office in January of 2017, and Congress has passed legislation since that time to improve nearly every aspect of our society, and no one stands out greater than the economy.

You could undoubtedly trace it back to the landmark tax reform bill we passed just over a year ago.

When President Trump signed this bill into law, it marked the first major overhaul of our tax code in 31 years. Our reforms lowered rates all across the board, doubled the child tax credit, and incentivized U.S. businesses with earnings abroad to bring that money back home and work here in America for the American people. We quickly saw a steady stream of headlines about businesses big and small announcing, as I indicated earlier, bonuses, pay raises, new jobs, and other investments in their employees. In the months that followed the law's enactment, I met with a number of employers throughout Texas to hear about how the tax law has changed their way of doing business.

It's clear to me that businesses across the country have felt the same way as these owners of small businesses did in Texas, and it didn't take long for Americans to begin to feel the benefit. I’ve heard from countless of my constituents about the impact this legislation has had on their daily lives, and it's all for the better.

Since this legislation was passed, three million new jobs have been added in our country, wages are on the rise, and unemployment has hit a 50-year low. I read the other day because of tight labor conditions that people with disabilities are reentering the workforce. And we've seen the lowest level of Hispanic and African American unemployment ever. This revitalization of the economy has led to big benefits on Main Street and in the homes of average Americans.

I also should mention that we've confirmed 85 federal judges, including two incredibly qualified Supreme Court justices. This all comes despite the unprecedented obstruction we've seen from Senate Democrats to slow down or block the process.

Under this Administration, we have taken some positive bipartisan efforts, like to combat the opioid epidemic which plagues nearly every community in America. We've supported pay raises for our military and authorized additional resources for their equipment and training. We promoted public safety with the passage of bills to stop or deter school violence. We’ve given farmers and ranchers the certainty they need when we passed the critical farm bill, and we’ve supported better career training for American workers. And that's just the beginning.

This Administration, working with the Congress, has delivered real changes for the American people, and I’m ready to keep those changes and improvements moving forward.

I hope our colleagues in the House and I hope all of our colleagues in the Senate will look at trying to continue this record of accomplishment for the American people and commit to working in good faith to keep that progress moving. Under this Administration, our government has taken major steps to strengthen our economy and make changes that benefit the American people. I’m proud of what we've been able to accomplish. I’m not focused on the frustrations that plague us every day. I’m focused on the positive we've been able to do and hope we can keep it going.


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