Senator Marco Rubio Stresses Importance of Immigration to American Culture and Excellence

Sen. Marco Rubio - Leadership for AmericaMuch has been said about Florida Senator Marco Rubios decision to stand solidly for immigration reform and stronger border security. The man who became an overnight hero with strong conservatives has been labeled a sellout by some because he dared to step forward and actually attempt to solve a problem that has been plaguing our nation for decades. He demonstrated leadership and statesmanship when he stepped forward to say that our borders are a security risk, and they must be closed - while at the same time attempting to fix an immigration system that is so broken it leaves many with no choice but to break the law in their passion to find a better life for their families.

One need look not much further than the parents of Sen. Rubio to see why he is so passionate about this issue. In a speech made on the floor of the U.S. Senate during the closing debate on the "Gang of 8" immigration reform and border security enhancement bill, Rubio made one of the clearest cases of the role immigrants play in our national culture and economy. The excellence of America is because of its blend of nationalities, races, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and cultures.

While Americans have often resisted immigrants over the years in attempting to block the Irish, the Italians, the Germans, etc; our nation has become the very best because our laws have allowed them to come here and contribute to the excellence that is America. We have made many mistakes in our immigration system, and the current debate has caused much damage because of some of the language used by those who are afraid of change. But as a nation, we will rise above the fear and embrace those who seek to come here to help our nation grow and prosper.

Some fear the immigrants will add to our skyrocketing costs of welfare and public subsistence. But welfare reform is a debate we must have regardless of immigration pressures. We have way too many Americans who make their living off of the work of other taxpayers and that must be fixed.

Lets not let that debate get in the way of people who want to come to this nation and work. Lets instead find new ways to attract the very best the world has to offer. Whether they are computer programmers or carpenters, doctors or landscapers, engineers or janitors, lets find the best and help them find an easy way to come here and contribute.

Marco Rubio and AG Greg Abbott Address Texans on Immigration Reform

Sen. Marco Rubio and AG Greg Abbott at Associated Republicans of Texas event in Houston.

Immigration reform must happen in order to take the pressure off our border patrol so that they might focus their attention on the real criminals and terrorists who are a true threat to our nation. Someone wanting to come here to work is not a threat to America or our culture. It is not healthy for our nation to seek to stop her growth of working people.

The U.S. House of Representatives will be looking at many new solutions to both the issues of border security and immigration reform. I urge all to find the strength to embrace change and encourage our representatives to find positive solutions to some very complex problems.

Rubio closed his remarks stating, "From a collection of people everywhere, we became one people - the most exceptional nation in all of human history. And even with all our challenges, we remain that shining city on a hill. We are still the hope of the world. Go to our factories and our fields. Go to the kitchens and construction sites. Go to the cafeteria in this very capitol, and there you will find that the miracle of America is still alive."

"For here in America those who once had no hope will give their kids the chance of a life they always wanted for themselves. Here, in America, generations of unfulfilled dreams will finally come to pass.And thats why I support this reform. Not just because I believe in immigrants but because I believe in America even more."


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