Senator Ted Cruz - Flat, Simple, Fair Income Tax Reform Great For America

Almost all Conservatives agree that fundamental tax reform is needed for the good of the country and for keeping our promises to the American people. Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently outlined seven critical elements of fundamental tax reform, so here are his great ideas:

  1. Create a Low Flat Rate. Currently there are seven individual tax brackets with rates as high as nearly 40 percent. We should have one low flat tax rate.
  2. File Taxes on a Postcard. Each year, more than 90 percent of taxpayers seek help to prepare their returns, either through tax preparers or tax preparation software, costing them $99 billion. Simpler, flatter taxes will save Americans time and money and allow them to file their returns on a postcard.
  3. Allow Immediate Expensing. Domestic capital investment increases productivity, which results in more jobs and higher wages, and that means higher living standards for American families.
  4. Lower the Corporate Rate. Companies are leaving the United States in droves and taking their jobs with them. By lowering the corporate rate to 15-20 percent, America becomes competitive with the rest of the world.
  5. Encourage Repatriation. Current law discourages companies from bringing home foreign earnings. Moving to a territorial system would ensure foreign earnings are not double-taxed.
  6. End the Death Tax. More than 99 percent of U.S. employer firms are small businesses, many of them family-owned. The death tax establishes a burden that prevents families from being able to keep their businesses running from one generation to the next, and should be put to an end.
  7. End the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): The AMT applies to four million households and requires millions of taxpayers to calculate their taxes twice, once under the regular tax code and again under the AMT. Ending the AMT will drastically simplify taxes for millions of American families.

Senator Cruz's plan will get our economy booming, create better jobs for our people and strengthen America.


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