Texas Association of Business Releases 2017 Texas Legislator Scorecard

Texas Association of Business released their legislator scorecard this morning. This scorecard, called For the Record, is a ranking of all Texas legislators based on how they voted for pro-business policies in the 85th Texas Legislature.

Download the scorecard here, and watch the press conference below.

About For the Record:
Every session, TAB contacts the Legislature about the bills and issues that impact small and large employers across Texas. For the Record 2017 is a valuable tool to hold legislators accountable and ensure they are addressing the needs of the business community.

For the Record is viewed across the state as an accurate measurement of lawmakers’ attitudes toward business. Legislators count on For the Record to reflect their actions during session. Constituents count on it to know if their senator or representative kept their campaign promises. And businesses count on it to judge who in the Capitol puts jobs, economic prosperity, and a thriving workforce at the top of their priorities.

Once the Legislature has adjourned sine die, TAB begins the process of reviewing the votes. Under current Texas law, all votes cast are not necessarily record votes. This means that many more record votes may be taken on some bills than are taken on others. The job of TAB is to capture the record votes taken on bills that provide a snapshot of how members supported business across-the-board.


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