Texas State Rep. Jason Villalba's Capitol Report

Welcome to the Capitol Report

We are making substantial progress in the 84th Legislative Session and the excitement is increasing every day. I am working hard, day and night, to help our families by advancing legislation that he has proposed and by supporting legislation that he believes will most benefit the citizens of District 114 and Texas.



The House of Representatives took an important step toward finalizing the budget last week by passing House Bill 1. This budget takes a step toward a more transparent government and ensures that Texas stays within the resources set forth in HB 1. The House appropriated over $77 billion dollars to public education and over $24 billion dollars to transportation, two very important issues to our Great State.

Texting and Driving

I co-authored House Bill 63, which will prohibit texting while driving. This safety measure will ban the use of wireless communication devices to read, write or send text-based communication while driving unless the vehicle is stopped. The House passed this legislation and I am hopeful that this new law will be implemented in order to keep our streets safe for our families.

Intoxication Offenses

I authored House Bill 2246, which takes another step towards making our roads safer. Through this bill, those convicted of intoxication offenses must install an ignition interlock device in their motor vehicle if they would like to be issued an occupational license. This device ensures that convicted intoxication offenders will not be able to drive a motor vehicle if alcohol is detected.

Business Courts

I also authored House Bill 1603, which creates a new court system, the Chancery Court of Texas, whose limited jurisdiction will include various business-related legal matters that currently clog the state district courts and that are best determined by expertized business courts. The Chancery Court of Texas will focus exclusively on complex business matters including disputes concerning corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and complex securities. The Chancery Court of Texas makes Texas' legal system more competitive, provides greater efficiency to the district courts in the State, and saves money by alleviating the stress on our current court system.


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