Trade Battle with China is Critical for U.S.A., No Matter Your Party

It used to be that political disagreements stop at our shore. However, the nasty political climate has the Democrats so hysterically anti-Trump that they seem to be rooting for China!

Let's take a step back where all this came from and what is it about.

First, this has been going on for a long time. It simply isn't fair trade. The Chinese have now become a high-tech superpower. They are also one of the greatest world spymaster hackers of computers and networks. They are no longer a startup country that doesn't know what they're doing. So Trump's position makes sense. When he says, "If you're not going to allow American manufacturing access to your market, we're going to start charging you a tax for the products that we let into our country. We got to even this out somehow."

So the Chinese are not willing to do fair trade with the U.S. and are working with the Democrats to harm the U.S. economy and threaten President Trump's re-election. The Chinese hope for a Democratic win and the unfair Chinese trade advantage gets restored and becomes a permanent problem for the U.S. economy.

He is not right about everything, but on Chinese trade, President Trump is correct.


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