Unleash the Energy Entrepreneurs!

A headline that wind power requires 700 times the land space to produce the same amount of energy than fracked produced natural gas grabbed my attention. This headline sums up the problem with much of the alternative sources of energy: namely the juice equation doesn’t exist when compared to the fossil fuels and shows that we are far from replacing Natural gas, coal or oil when it comes to energy in the next few years

Alternatives are the potential of the future, but we live in the here and now, and the here and now requires fossil fuels. Living in Iowa and watching the Senate race closely, Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer front group Next Gen has not bothered to educate Iowans on the coming apocalypse that is climate change and decided to run a typical Democratic campaign that Republican Joni Ernst is beholden to the rich and wealthy, and she is supporting tax cuts for the rich. It is as if Next Gen pollsters are concluding that talking about the coming apocalypse is not a political winner, or maybe the average voter is starting to doubt the science of the world is going to end if we don’t immediately do something now thesis.

The key issue over the next three years is whether we allow the market to speak more freely while unleashing the energy entrepreneurs to find the best and least expensive sources of energy. If we do the later, we are not just talking energy independence, but we are also talking a lot of high paying jobs that can't be shipped overseas. (Try shipping a coal mine overseas, huh?) This is not to say we don’t or shouldn’t seek alternative sources here to supplement our energy needs, but the key word is to supplement and not replace.

The real obstacles to our energy needs are the extremists in the environmental movement who have attempted to have veto power over our energy needs and the bureaucrats within the EPA and Department of Energy who have declared war on much of our energy industry.

The first step to a sound energy policy begins with the elimination of the Energy Department. Why we need one is a good question. The Department of Energy started in the 1970’s under the Nixon administration to deal with the energy crisis during the 70’s, and the Department of Energy has yet to produce any value. It could easily be described as the anti-energy department.

Much of the reduction in our energy imports have come directly from the energy entrepreneurs who have formatted a new energy revolution as new tactics like fracking are developing energy where none thought to exist and put the United States on the verge of becoming an energy exporter with potential energy sources greater than Saudi Arabia. This was not the result of a government induced policy, but in spite of a government induced policy. This is one thing that the present administration can’t claim credit for since they have been attempting to prevent it from happening.

The coming energy revolution is just the beginning, and the energy entrepreneur may produce energy sources we haven’t thought of years in the future. In 1902, no one gave much thought to the airline industry since it was non-existent, but that changed the following year when two brothers managed to fly a few feet in the year, and within 70 years, we were flying to the moon literally. We don’t need a Department of Energy, we need energy entrepreneurs.


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