Urging Funding for the Port of Corpus Christi

The widening and deepening of the Port of Corpus Christi is a project I have worked tirelessly on throughout my time in Congress. While getting funding in the President's proposed budget for FY2019 is a huge step in the right direction, the project still needs to be approved by Congress in its entirety. That's why, last week, I spoke on the House floor to urge my colleagues to support funding this project. The $13 million included in the President's budget is critical to growing and developing the port. I have made sure this project is seen as a priority by working with port officials, the Army Corps of Engineers who I meet with regularly, House leadership, both U.S. Senators from Texas, and now the Trump Administration. I encourage my colleagues in both chambers to support the appropriations for the Port of Corpus Christi project. My efforts to fully fund this project will continue as I complete my final term in Congress. 

To see my floor speech on the port, click here. 


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