Van Duyne Offers Amendment to to Extend Statute of Limitations for PPP Fraud

This week, I offered an amendment to Democrats' H.R. 3807. This amendment would ensure law enforcement has the time to investigate and prosecute those who defrauded taxpayers. With almost a hundred million dollars already proving to have been fraudulent, our law enforcement needs the time and ability to follow all of these leads. My amendment would lengthen the statute of limitations for PPP and EIDL fraud from 5 years to 10 years.

We are witnessing one of the largest fraud schemes in American history, and Democrats are intent on exacerbating it. We can not let the Democrats push further COVID spending until we have accounted for what has already been allocated and stopped the rampant fraud within these programs, and give law enforcement the time they need to complete their investigations.

Prior to my motion, the House was considering H.R. 3807 - Relief for Restaurants and other Hard Hit Small Businesses Act, which would spend an additional $55 billions taxpayer money. It is estimated there has been $80 billion in fraud surrounding the PPP and COVID funding. This motion sought to bolster the PPP by increasing the punishment for fraud.


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