Visiting the New USCG Facility at CCIA

One of the greatest rewards in this job is seeing projects through to completion and cutting the red tape that often places road blocks in the way of progress. When I first learned back in 2011 that the United States Coast Guard felt they could be more efficient having all their operations under one roof, as opposed to being scattered in various locations throughout the area, I strongly supported building a new hangar and operations center at the Corpus Christi airport.

What should have taken a couple years to complete turned into a nightmare of delays and bureaucratic red tape. Learning about the delays, I called all the different government agencies and contractors into my office and demanded they cooperate and quit wasting taxpayer dollars. I'm pleased to say that Monday I toured the new facility at the airport.

It was great to see a project, that I championed, come to completion. This new facility will meet the needs of the Coast Guard for the forseeable future in a more cost-efficient matter. 


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