Wayne Christian for Texas Raildroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian has had a challenging campaign for Rail Road Commissioner. He made the May 24 Run-Off and beat out Houston real estate tycoon Gary Gates in a tight race. Gates outspent Christian 10 to 1 on promoting his campaigning, so Christian won a well-deserved battle. Christian will face Democrat Grady Yarbrough in the General election in November. Approximately 378,486 votes were cast in the Republican Run-Off and an estimated 188,084 votes for the Democrats. Voter turnout is expected to be higher in November.

As a former state representative serving 14 years, from 1997 to 2013, Christian held his seat in what was one of the most Democratic districts in East Texas. HD9 is situated on the Louisiana border and is the second most impoverished district in the state. While in the House, he served on the Energy Committee which had direct oversight of the RR Commission. Wayne Christian is well versed in Texas energy issues.

Christian mentioned that this is a unique time in history for the Railroad Commission because the Sunset Commission will discuss and adopt recommendations this coming session and as Christian says, “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can change any law. We are open for grabs in Texas and I am prepared to fight them from day 1.” He continued to tell me that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would like to stop our production of oil by over 1/3, amounting to 6,500 jobs in East Texas. Jobs aren’t the only income that will affect Texas families; royalties from the production of oil and gas would be cut, further hurting the Texas economy. Christian adds that the EPA would like to stop the coal and oil production in the United States.

Recently WikiLeaks came out with an email to confirm Christian’s statement. This is an email from Martin O’Malley, a failed Democratic presidential candidate, that John Podesta is forwarding to Hillary’s spokesman Hillary for America, John Schwerin, ‘Re: Fwd: Martin O'Malley: Zero out fossil fuels by 2050’ dated June 18, 2015. In part, the rather lengthy email read:

Martin O'Malley published an op-ed this morning calling for 100% renewable energy by 2050. Tom Steyer has praised it as well as some other environmental types.

I don't know much about the issue but zeroing out fossil fuels in 35 years seems unrealistic. We're considering asking friends to pitch a smart enviro reporter or columnist on a story about how this may be well-intentioned but it’s not a serious proposal. Does that seem right to you?

We have come a long way as a nation in making ourselves more energy independent. Now is the time to take this progress to the next level — the future of our country and our planet depends on it. New technologies put an independent clean energy future decidedly within our reach as a nation. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/12212

These climate control freaks actually believe what other so-called liberal ‘journalists’ write and use that as their foundation. Steyer is an environmentalist and the co-founder of Wikipedia...so you see Liberals just about control all news media. Beware of information on the environment from Wikipedia.

Christian stated that our land in Texas is now cleaner and in better shape than 30 years ago. We are an example for the world to follow. Liberals believe that ‘Mother Earth’ is some kind of God and that everything must benefit ‘Mother Earth’. We believe that we have a God and earth is given to us for our use and benefit and we need to be good stewards.

In Christian’s own words he believes that, “Hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to our economy and state budget are at stake.”

In an email to his supporters he stated:

Over 400,000 Texans are employed in the oil and natural gas industry, with an average annual salary over $124,000. This doesn’t include the millions of other jobs impacted by the industry’s multiplier effect.

In 2015, Texas led the nation in exports totaling $251 billion; $44 billion of this came from the export of fossil fuels. To put our export capacity in perspective, California came in at a distant second with $165.4 billion.

Over 570,000 Texas families receive annual royalty income of $16.5 billion.
In 2015, the industry paid over $13.8 billion in taxes and royalties, directly funding our schools, roads, first responders, Rainy Day Fund, and essential public services.

Governor Greg Abbott understands that Christian is good for Texas.
“I am proud to endorse Wayne Christian for Texas Railroad Commissioner. Wayne has a proven record of fighting against the frivolous taxes and regulations that hinder job growth and harm our economy. In the Railroad Commission, Wayne will continue to fight for domestic production that both creates jobs and reduces our reliance on nations abroad.”

Republicans must not let their guard down as this election season has been anything but ‘normal’. Christian’s opponent, Yarbrough, has a good political name and could pose a threat. When you go to the polls, remember to vote down ballot; Texas is counting on your vote. This election will decide if Texas keeps its oil jobs. If we lose, Hillary Clinton will do whatever she can to stop the oil and gas companies from thriving, just as she has pledged to do with the coal industry. One thing is certain about Christian, he will fight for Texas.


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