This Week in Congress

This week President Obama submitted his budget proposal to Congress. Unsurprisingly, his budget looked more like a liberal campaign proposal than a serious plan to rein in government spending and get our fiscal house in order. The President’s budget raises spending by $74 billion annually, proposes higher taxes on American families and businesses, and never balances. These are not solutions – these are worn out big government policies that will further damage any hope of a full economic recovery.

Click here to watch Congressman Sessions talk about Texas' economic success on the House Floor.

I proudly represent a state that understands that high taxes and onerous regulations do not lead to economic growth and job creation. Texas has been coined the “Great American Job Machine” because it is almost exclusively responsible for the net increase in jobs in the United State since 2007.

I believe that if we follow Texas’ gold standard example we will have the opportunity to get our country back on track, reinvigorate our economy, and put America’s families first.

On Wednesday I met with North Texans representing the Texas Trucking Association to discuss the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund and what Congress can do to help promote a safe, dependable, and cost-effective motor transportation system. Today’s commercial truckers face a number of regulatory burdens that stifle business, burden drivers and operators, and drive up prices for consumers.

Furthermore, our infrastructure is critical to sustaining economic growth and prosperity, and it is imperative that we continue to invest in the transportation projects that build America. As we continue to address our transportation issues, I look forward to working with my Republican colleagues to provide a unified transportation vision for North Texas, our state, and our country.

On Wednesday I also had the opportunity to speak at the Texas Water Day event and meet with representatives with the North Texas Municipal Water District to discuss the important water issues facing the state of Texas. I was delighted to join the individuals from the Texas Water Conservation Association and give them an update on my work to reduce federal regulations, which would give more control to local authorities to preserve Texas’ water. Since 2009 we have successfully cut approximately 45% from the EPA, including an additional $60 million cut in the December government funding bill. I remain committed to fighting against onerous regulations imposed by the EPA and giving local government more control over our water.


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