Westgate CEO Says He’ll Have to Fire Employees if Obama is Re-Elected and Obamacare Taxes Implemented

David Siegel, the Billionaire CEO of Westgate, sent a letter to his 7,000 employees telling them that if Obama is re-elected, the Obamacare mandates and new taxes on companies and the wealthy will force him to have to layoff many of his employees.

This reminds me of the Papa John's CEO coming out recently and saying that they will be forced to cut back and raise prices because of Obamacare.

Some have said that these CEO's are threatening their employees with being fired if they do not vote against Obama. They are not threatening anyone, they are just telling the truth! They are not telling anyone they have to vote for Obama or else. They are just letting everyone know about the dire economic situation they are in and letting people know the FACTS of how increased taxes hurt businesses and lead to layoffs. The truth is that you cannot keep trying to tax companies and job creators without the companies and job creators eventually having to pass the taxes on in the form of higher prices or layoffs.

From ClickOrlando.com:


Surprise. David Siegel, the resort CEO who is building the biggest private home in the country, really, really doesn't like President Obama.

And while Siegel hasn't sent any money to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, he has gone a step farther to support him.

On Monday he sent an e-mail to all 7,000 employees of privately-held Westgate Resorts, many of them in the battleground state of Florida, warning them their jobs are at risk if the president is re-elected.

"The economy doesn't currently pose a threat to your job. What does threaten your job however, is another 4 years of the same Presidential administration," he said in the e-mail.

"If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as our current President plans, I will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company," he says in the nearly 1,400-word e-mail. "Rather than grow this company I will be forced to cut back. This means fewer jobs, less benefits and certainly less opportunity for everyone."

Siegel doesn't mention Romney's name anywhere in the e-mail, and he writes he "certainly wouldn't interfere with your right to vote for whomever you choose." And he insisted Tuesday that he wasn't threatening to fire employees if Obama is re-elected. But he proudly stands behind the e-mail. "I wanted the employees to know what the situation is, and not listen to campaign commercials but hear it from the horse's mouth," he told CNNMoney.

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