Why Romney Won: Obama is just an Actor

If you think this debate on domestic policy was bad, just wait until we get to foreign policy.

President Obama was exposed for being an actor. For four years he pretended and improvised. Last night Mitt Romney cornered him and exposed him. Romney raised the discussion to real Presidential levels, not the accustomed discussion levels of "The View", "ESPN" Dream Team Olympic interviews or interviews on rap radio with the "Pimp with the Limp."

Romney set the tone of a board meeting, daring Obama to match his knowledge and enter the real board room of America in front of the American shareholders. Mitt Romney raised the stakes, he explained, broke down every point and salivated at every opportunity to keep demonstrating command of domestic policy. President Obama began with his usual sound effects and verbal pyrotechnics, but when having to go deeper, he would turn to Jim Lehrer, the moderator and like a battered boxer say "Jim you may move on to another topic."


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