It is no accident that Texas consistently leads the nation in job creation. Some have described this economic powerhouse as a "Texas Miracle." But, we know better than that. The Texas Economic Experience is rooted in concepts and principles that will work anywhere they're tried: Keeping taxes low, creating a predictable regulatory climate, cracking down on lawsuit abuse, and investing in critical infrastructure like roads, water and schools in a fiscally responsible way.
President Biden’s plan to eliminate stepped-up basis allowances and impose a death tax will deal a devastating blow to rural America.
By improving bilateral tourism between the U.S. and Mexico, we can start driving business back to companies that depend on tourists.
The Biden Administration is willing to sacrifice millions of oil and gas jobs, hike up energy costs, and destroy our energy independence all to appease Green-New-Deal-loving radicals. It’s time that Congress put a stop to...
The real reason behind America's sudden distaste to step away from one's computer, go out and look for a job, is that it is already getting a weekly stimmy from the Biden admin, which has pivoted the pandemic emergency into...
President Joe Biden wants $2 trillion to reengineer America’s infrastructure and expects the nation’s corporations to pay for it.
It is commonsense solutions like the PPP Extension Act providing targeted relief that makes me proud to work on behalf of local North Texas businesses.
I voted to help pass the Paycheck Protection Program Extension Act. This two-month extension will allow more small businesses to take advantage of remaining funds in the PPP program, which has supported about 1 in 3 jobs in...
Twenty-one states, led by Texas and Montana, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Biden administration for revoking a permit for the long-disputed Keystone XL pipeline.
This grant will make improvements to North Richland Hills’ Iron Horse Boulevard, providing hardworking Texans with new opportunities and allowing for the expansion of businesses, including a major producer of personal...
In Texas, agriculture production is critical for our economy and food supply. The RESTORE Act will go a long way to support our farmers during this tumultuous time as they work on restoring their operations.
I recently met once again with the Texas Farm Bureau and some of our local farmers and ranchers at a Weatherford farm to discuss how I can continue to ensure that their voices are heard in Washington.
Biden is expected to release the proposal next week as part of the tax increases to fund social spending in the forthcoming “American Families Plan.” 
As of April 8, 2021, 76 percent of US consulates are fully or partially closed, even though all travelers to the US must receive negative COVID-19 tests, a report from the CATO
This grant will allow the Del Rio Airport to ensure that their operations are well-equipped to stop the spread of COVID-19 and help our communities return to normalcy.
Small and simple government is good government; and maximizing the American people’s liberty allows our economy and our country’s entrepreneurial spirit to flourish to be the best they can be.
We need to tread lightly when discussing more regulation, rules, compulsory actions, and behavior. The market should drive wages – the free market.
Late last year we saw the ATF attempt to make a rule that would have cost the industry more than $1.25 billion. The fact an unelected bureaucrat could make a rule hurting the American economy and American jobs to that extent...
AUSTIN, TEXAS — Today, a broad coalition of more than 200 business leaders and CEOs, university presidents and elected officials gathered at the "Texas Prospers: Keeping Our State Competitive and Prosperous through...
I’ve spent the last year talking to small businesses, and I’ve seen firsthand the disastrous impacts of the pandemic on them. We cannot further encumber business owners with a top-down, one-size-fits-all minimum wage mandate...
The 2021 Texas winter freeze and power crisis left hundreds of thousands of Texans with burst or leaking pipes, interior damage, and no running water in their homes and businesses.



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