Cancel Culture: Is There No End To The Madness?

Just when you thought the cancel crazies had gone into their holes, the San Francisco School District advisors are recommending dropping the name "Abraham Lincoln" from a high school there because some don't think he did enough for black lives.

This is just the latest example of the cancel culture being used as a political tool to dominate and suppress any dissent.

This is also why being informed on the candidates for City Council, school boards, and other less high profile elections is critical, so common sense candidates are elected and not the mindless politically correct.

As Rachel Ebbing said in an article for AIER (

"If the cancel culture destroyers win, then America will be no different than the rest of the world; a world filled with racial genocides, religious bigotries and wars, plundering despotisms, and political paternalisms that reduce human beings to expendable pawns on a great chessboard manipulated by others who arrogantly believe they know how we all should live and what each of us 'really' deserves."


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