Is Harvard Calling Me “Fake News”?

How about this:

Harvard University has released a guide to so-called fake news. That guide links to a lengthy list of offending websites, which includes

Now granted, next to my entry is the word “Unknown,” which means they haven’t yet investigated my work to see if it truly qualifies. I made the list, they say, because some people have classified my site that way.

Well, that sounds fair!

I’m in good company, though. Also on the list: David Stockman’s Contra Corner (Stockman headed the OMB under Ronald Reagan),,, the Daily Caller, the Drudge Report, and even Wikileaks.


Looking at that assortment of offenders, you might be inclined to think: all this fuss about “fake news” is really an effort by the establishment to demonize dissidents and alternative news sources, and lend artificial prestige to traditional media outlets. But that would make you a “conspiracy theorist,” which is another reason a site is dismissed as “fake news.”

(Because, as we all know, no bad guys have ever conspired, ever. The Bolshevik Revolution, for instance, was a genuine, popular uprising and not at all a conspiracy by a tiny, unpopular minority! What else can we conclude, given that conspiracies are automatically ruled out?)

It is incredible to me that would be singled out. All the news sources we’re told to trust peddled nothing but war propaganda in 2002 and 2003, repeating preposterous stories that ought to have discredited them forever. (not to mention and systematically dismantled these false claims — but it’s that’s condemned as “fake news”!

The Drudge Report is condemned as “fake news” even though it got started because one of our Approved Sources of News(tm) refused to break the Monica Lewinsky story. (The New York Times, for its part, sat on the warrantless wiretapping story for 13 months.)

How can anyone with an IQ above 60 treat this with anything but contempt?

Lew Rockwell and I will do an episode on this in the coming days, and I’ll have the links for you then.

In the meantime, my own favorite source of information and analysis is my private Facebook group for supporting listeners of the Tom Woods Show. It’s a bustling community of terrific people. Entry is this way:

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