Hypocrisy Rears Its Head in the race for Judge in the 247th District Court

Some of you may know, some of you may not know that I am a proud home school mom. It was a decision my husband and I made and committed to long ago, before we were even married, in fact. You may be aware that home schoolers have a very extensive network where we can support one another and provide encouragement and resources to other home school families. One of the things you will learn from being a home schooler is that you have to be able to trust where you get your information from. I also feel that I cannot simply trust everyone that offers up opinions as facts. That’s one of the big reasons why we ARE home schoolers in the first place. It’s a community that I take great pride in being a part of, that’s why I was so concerned when I received an email a couple of weeks ago from Tim Lambert with the Texas Home School Association.

Mr. Lambert who lives in North Texas sent out an email in support of one of our local judicial races in support of John Schmude in the 247th family court. Now, Mr. Lambert certainly has the right, and Mr. Schmude should take pride in his home school connections. However the truth also matters; in fact it should matter more in the case of Mr. Schumde and the issues he has raised in the 247th. The truth may surprise you.

Mr. Schmude has made an issue out of a parenting course that has been mandated by the presiding Judge of the 247th Judge Bonnie Hellums, who requires that all parents complete a parenting course in any case involving children, a class Mr. Schmude calls “unconstitutional”. Now I’ll admit as a home school mom, I am extra sensitive to the Government dictating how I can parent, so I am glad to know that BOTH Mr. Schumde and Judge ML Walker (who is currently the associate Judge in the 247th, and the other candidate in the runoff) have both publicly stated that as Judge of the 247th they would cease the practice. However, Mr. Schmude has used the issue to his political benefit, charging Judge Walker with participating in the practice of the court. However Judge Walker is obligated to do so as the Associate Judge.

Mr. Schumde is under no such obligation. Then why if he thinks the class is unconstitutional has he never pursued that legal course and challenged the Constitutionality of the course? Why has no other lawyer filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of that course in 18 years? Why hasn’t the Texas Home School coalition challenged the law if they think it’s important enough to endorse in the race?

More importantly, why if the class is unconstitutional has he profited by having his clients TAKE THE VERY COURSE HE CALLS UNCONSTITUTIONAL?

That’s right, Mr. Schmude has had all of his clients take the course during his very short legal career. In fact, Mr. Schumde signed off on the exact same course he calls unconstitutional this past April 2nd, while he is in the middle of the run-off.

Now I’m not a Constitutional Lawyer, I’m just a homeschool mom and political activist that lives her beliefs and teaches her children to do the same. I think our candidates should tell the truth. I think our Judges should follow the law, and I think as Republicans we should demand both, otherwise we end up with someone like Denise Pratt, and we all know how that has turned out.


The issue Schmude and other conservative family attorneys take is that denying a parent access to their children because they did not take a parenting course is unconstitutional. I've never heard Schmude or anyone else say they think the class itself infringes on this nations' charter.
Regarding Homeschooling and the THSC:(1) How many kids does Meca Walker have? . . . None(2) Is Meca Walker married? . . . Nope
I think the readers know where I'm going with this.Re: challenging the constitutionality of the parenting class. To do so, you'd need a plaintiff. A plaintiff who was denied access to their child for failing to take the class. Without writing a book, good luck showing any form of burden on your rights if you took the class and then challenged it. It would be mal practice to tell a client, don't take this mandatory class, you'll be denied access to your children for a long time, but don't worry I'm going to appeal it for you.

Seems that Walker has some serious lacking of election law in taking campaign donations from litigants in the very court that she presides in.  Now there is an even bigger complaint lodged that contains a boat load of simple math errors, missing funds, or funds removed from her campaign account without proper designation, i.e converted to personal use and then a bunch of donations that exceed the legal limits.......Seems like someone wanting to be a judge would at least bother to know and mush less follow the law......DUH?

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