Ken Mercer challenged by ‘willy-nilly ding’ Bell-Metereau

Incumbent Ken Mercer, State Board of Education, District 5 member, is again being challenged by two-time loser Rebecca Bell-Metereau, an English professor from Texas State University.  This will be her third stab at the District 5 post.  This time, she has solicited the biased support of San Antonio Express-News columnist, Gilbert Garcia. In a recent diatribe,“Professor makes third run at SBOE Stalwart”, Garcia described Mercer as “doughy” and “a sweater-clad Republican.” It still amazes me, even after 8 years of writing, how the Liberals get away with name calling arrowed at the conservative.   Garcia writes one truth about Mercer, by stating that Mercer is an “unabashed social conservative and booster of American exceptionalism.” 

Mercer tells me that he was given one hour prior to the article being published to answer any questions for this particular article and that is why he did not have the opportunity to respond to Garcia.  Since most of the article is about Bell-Metereau, it’s apparent that she was given plenty of time to answer questions.

Interesting that in January of this year Bell-Metereau proudly told reporter, Richard Dray of the University Star that Mercer wants to, “insert his extreme views into the education system.”  The title of the article is,‘Professor hopes to bring a more liberal voice to Texas education’.   It certainly will be liberal as she is endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats, affirming her stance on LGBT and her corresponding views in the book she authored, dedicated to transgender movies, ‘Hollywood Androgyny’.  She definitely is a proved progressive of many years.   Androgyny is described by the dictionary as the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Gender ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle.  In a New York Times book review, ‘In Each Other’s Clothing’, Bell-Metereau was quoted as saying that the film ‘Some Like it Hot’, was ''pivotal” and “that it paved the way for the uninhibitedly polymorphous, pansexual and bisexual movies to come.” 

Her statements absolutely show that she has not wavered in any way and will try to influence the SBOE with her very extreme views on transgender and LGBT issues.  Liberals have a way of spinning opinions in their favor, so who has the ‘extreme’ views? 
It is evident that Bell-Metereau lacks the grit to pursue a seat on the SBOE since she is obviously unaware that her statement to Garcia on Charter schools is incorrect.  The SBOE does not approve charter schools ‘willy-nilly’.  In May 2013, the SBOE relinquished their power to approve charter schools after Senate Bill 2 was passed by Texas lawmakers.  Next question would be how much of what Garcia writes can we believe.  He most certainly did not do any research and took ‘willy-nilly ding’ Bell-Metereau at her word.    Charter schools in Texas are doing just great!

If Bell-Metereau would be paying attention to the position she is campaigning for, then she would know that the reason Mercer had a higher percentage in votes in 2010 than in 2012 was because of redistricting. 

Mercer is the SBOE member that led the nationwide protest when the new national standards for United States History deleted the Holocaust from the textbooks.  Because of his resolve, the Holocaust remained in the texts to explain to students the atrocities the Nazis committed against 9M people including 6M Jews during WWII.   Mercer is expected to retain his position as SBOE member in District 5 because of his adherence to his conservative values, his loyal supporters, and his commitment to his constituents.   District 5 consists of the following counties: Blanco, Caldwell, Comal, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Hays, Kendall, Kerr, Llano, Mason, San Saba and parts of Bexar and Travis counties.
I’m just curious, is Bell-Metereau ‘cross-dressing’ in this current photograph found on the Stonewall Democrats website?
Professor makes third run at SBOE conservative stalwart
Rebecca Bell-Metereau #32

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