Lumberton ISD Reponds to CSCOPE & Muslim Burqa Lesson - Blames Texas, Starr/EOC Tests, School Choice

Lumberton ISD School Board Meeting 3/7/2013

Superintendent Valastro responds to angry parents who packed the meeting demanding answers to many questions. Some parents were upset that the School uses CSCOPE, which has recently been exposed as a flawed lesson plan that lacks transparency, was designed by liberals, and contains pro Islam lessons and lessons that have students draw a communist flag. Some parents were upset about the situation in which Lumberton Students put on Muslim Burqas at the school without being informed that Burqas are oppressive objects that, in some countries, must be worn by women or face death. Some were not as upset at the Burqa lesson as they were upset about the handling of the Burqa incident such as there had been no parental notification and bullying by teachers and students. Others felt that teachers are punished if they speak out when things have happened in the past at Lumberton schools.

Mr. Valastro had a long presentation that put the focus on the problems, needing to use CSCOPE, on money hungry testing corporations, the Texas Legislature, too many testing requirements,  and school choice.

I am not going to give my opinion about what was said at the meeting. I simply want to post the response from Mr. Valastro in a fair way for everyone to see and come up with your own conclusions.



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