Our Educational System in America Today

Everyone should read this article who has one or more children (grand-children) in our public educational system.  America’s educational system has been transformed.  Unlike in the 1700’s, our children have learned less at the age of 21 today than an 8th grader in the 1700’s.

But worse, it is not only the basic education skills that they are missing out on.  Kids who attended lower grade level schools and colleges early on in America learned about our country, who we are, where we came from, what mistakes we’ve made, etc.  This was taught so that the future generations did not repeat the mistakes of their parents.  Today, that is apparently an outdated thing of the past.

The American education system has been under attack for decades.  One of the top priorities of the communist party inside the U.S. was to take over the schools — e.g., goal #17 stating: “… use them [schools] as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda”.  It is strongly recommended that you read those goals below.

While reading those goals, review them and ask yourself how many of them are already completed.  If this strikes a cord with you, also consider purchasing “The Naked Communist” on Amazon which is an updated version of the 1963 original.  It will enlighten you way beyond this article and you will know what 90% of this country doesn’t.

Now today where are we?  We are now voluntarily sending our kids to re-education camps called colleges.  Here are just a few statistics to digest.

  • The ratio of democrat teachers to republicans is currently 12.7:1 in all schools in America!
  • 40% of  colleges have ‘0’ republicans on their staff.
  • 80% have so few republican staff members that they are statistically insignificant.
  • Within media studies there are 9000 media professors in the 51 top rated schools for media — there are 108:0 democrats to republicans presently.

This isn’t an us vs. them typical political argument.  The ‘democrats’ in higher education institutions are not just left, they are themselves often communists (Marxists).  Your kids are stuffed with propaganda daily and then intimidated into going along with the crowd in order to maintain their grades due to professorial pressure — aka, intimidation.  So much for the first amendment.

If you really want to know what your kids will learn in a college today, watch the following video.  David Barton is an educator and historian who is well known in the U.S.  He has done a great deal to educate the American public and bring to light information that most adults don’t even know.  He is also one of the key contributors to Glenn’s show educating their viewers.

Glenn Beck & David Barton on Education Video

Please share this information with other parents that you know to help them understand what they are sending their children into — typically a place where they will be indoctrinated a good future comrade…


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