Scary Study: Millennials Unprepared for World

Millennials are almost too easy to make fun of: with the safe spaces, the microaggressions, the socialism, the overall cluelessness, the inability to understand people with a different point of view (who are dismissed with buzzwords like “racists,” “homophobes,” etc.) — they’re a ready target.

Now yes, I know not all millennials are like this, so no lecturing me if you’re a millennial. But I know if I were that age, if anything I’d be even tougher on them, and you should be, too.

So it didn’t come as a surprise when I had Professor April Kelly-Woessner on my show some time ago, and she shared her research finding millennials to be by far the least tolerant demographic group.

Of course, we’re defining “tolerant” in the only way that makes any sense: not how welcoming they are toward groups they agree with, but how they think about and treat people they disagree with.

That’s not what’s on my mind today, though. According to a recent study, government schools have left millennials completely unprepared to manage their finances.

The study doesn’t put it that way, of course. It doesn’t mention schools. But more than half of millennials admit they don’t know how to pay a bill, and can’t correctly identify their biggest expense (housing) when they’ll be living on their own.

Is this not yet another a failure of the schools?

For that matter, how many of these kids have any idea how to identify a niche they could prosper in, and what precise steps to take?

The state has had them for 13 years, and they’re left with little advice apart from apply to college, get a degree in whatever, and then sit there and cross your fingers.

If a private education system left kids this helpless, we’d never hear the end of it.

Government education, meanwhile, is run by the very institution that’s ruining these kids’ lives, an institution that isn’t known for honesty or transparency or accepting responsibility, so they’ll grow up thinking greedy capitalists are responsible for their woes.

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