Shock Recording: Ken Paxton NOT interested in Stopping Common Core or CSCOPE as Texas Attorney General

Texas law bans Common Core in Texas Public Schools. The Texas Attorney General plays a very crucial role in defending Texas from Obama’s attempts to break Texas law by getting Common Core into our schools. Attorney General Candidate Ken Paxton was asked recently how he, as the Texas Attorney General, would approach Common Core Standards and CSCOPE. Shockingly, Ken Paxton was caught on a recording responding, “The Attorney General probably won’t get involved in that.”

This is absurd! Texans have been fighting tooth and nail to stop CSCOPE and Common Core from getting into our public schools, and Ken Paxton, in his own words, says he probably won’t get involved in defending a Texas law that bans common core?

In comparison, Texas Attorney General Candidate Barry Smitherman has taken a STRONG stand against CSCOPE and Common Core and has vowed to fight it tooth and nail as Texas Attorney General.

Statement from Barry Smitherman regarding defending Texas from Obama’s Common Core:

As the chief law enforcement officer for the State of Texas, the Attorney General must ensure that the laws of Texas are obeyed and enforced.

When the Texas legislature passes a bill, in this case HB 462, which forbids Common Core Standards in Texas Schools, then the Attorney General should ensure that Common Core Standards are not utilized by Texas schools.

We cannot let the enticement of federal dollars cause our school districts to ignore state law. I have personally reviewed CSCOPE curricula which is extremely biased against fossil fuels; describing, for example, only the “harmful effects” of oil, natural gas, and coal. The State of Texas is the leading provider of fossil fuels in America, driving our economy forward, lowering energy costs, and eliminating our country’s dependence on fuel from countries that are hostile to America and her ideals.

I have stood strong for Texans by suing the Obama EPA 7 times to stop the implementation of poorly scienced, boneheaded environmental regulations. I will continue to fight for all Texans against an ever encroaching federal government, and as the next Attorney General, I will vigorously defend all of the laws of the state of Texas.” Barry Smitherman

Current Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott even stepped in and helped stop the illegal activities of CSCOPE. Abbott sent a letter to TESCCC and reminded them of Texas law that allows parents to see any of the CSCOPE lessons that TESCCC is putting into Texas Public Schools. This help from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott helped expose and defeat CSCOPE.



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