Translating Leftism into English: San Francisco “Racism” Lesson Plan Edition

With the effectiveness of their thought-control mission breaking down all around them, leftists are going hysterical.

After the election, the San Francisco teachers’ union, the United Educators of San Francisco, released a “lesson plan” for students in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

It is exactly what you would expect.

Nobody other than leftists has a point of view worth respecting. Everyone is a “racist” and “sexist.”

Here’s how it begins:

“Tomorrow, I hope that you will take the time to put all lessons aside and talk to our students about what has happened and how they feel. Please, let them speak and be heard. Let them say what is on their minds, this is crucial for our school and our community. Let us please not sidestep the fact that a racist and sexist man has become the president of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.”

And now, the “objectives,” followed by my translation:

“Students express their concerns and voice their thoughts/feelings.”

Of course, they’d better be the correct thoughts, or they’ll be reeducated by the San Francisco teachers’ union until they turn 18 or die of lunacy, whichever comes first.

“Students gain empowerment/hope.”

Students are taught that bullhorns, marches, and political activism are the best way to improve their lives, and are not juvenile, demeaning, or dehumanizing in any way.

“Students feel safe and respected.”

What this will mean for any student who, in this atmosphere of intimidation, dares utter a thought that diverges from the herd, is unclear, but given the tone of this document, this provision is chilling.

“Anti-Racist/Anti-Sexist/Anti-Islamophobic/Anti-Homophobic (etc.,) teaching lenses are magnified and put into full use tomorrow and students should come away with an understanding of this through discussions held in class/norms established.”

No one will be allowed to mention racial crime statistics. No one will be able to mention differences between men and women — we have declared, a priori, that there can be no such differences. All income differences among races and sexes are attributable exclusively to “discrimination” and “white supremacy.”

Although criticism of Christianity is of course welcome, no one may wonder about any aspect of Islam, which is an unalloyed good not to be questioned. And anyone who thinks commercial transactions — cake baking, to choose an example at random — should occur peacefully and without threats of violence, is “homophobic.”

“Students gain a working knowledge of context of American racial violence, sexism etc.”

Can’t imagine any bias coming through here. I’m sure the Ron Unz article on racial killings will be assigned, for balance. On the off chance that it isn’t, I link to it here.

The instructions continue:

“Let the students speak one at a time.  PLEASE VALIDATE STUDENTS FEELINGS. Example: ‘What you are saying is valid,’ or ‘ hear you,’ ‘I support you, I understand you,’ ‘you are right and this is unjust.’  Let them speak, guide the discussion, use a talking piece if necessary.”

Huh. Well, suppose someone said, “I personally think the likelihood of war with Russia is now diminished, and this is more important to me than whether the president says sweet things to me before sending me off to die.”

Would that student’s feelings be validated?

In my view, the more the left pulls stunts like this, the better. Americans are getting a valuable education in the true nature of the left. Any fool watching television, even with a biased media, can see where all the hate is coming from.

Then this warning not to instruct students to avoid bad language:

“(I know that they might curse and swear, but you would too if you have suffered under the constructs of white supremacy or experienced sexism, or any isms or lack of privilege. You would especially do so if you have not yet developed all of the tools necessary to fight this oppression.  It is our job to help them develop these tools, ie the language etc., Let’s not penalize and punish our youth for how they express themselves at this stage.)”

Of course: white privilege. Let’s test that theory. What race would anyone in his right mind want to belong to when applying to college? Has any black student ever lied and claimed to be white on a college application? If not, why not?

Then we read, in bold: “DO NOT: Tell them that we have LOST and that we have to accept this.  We do not have to accept ANYTHING except that we must and will fight for justice against an unjust system and against unjust people.”

What would minority folks in America’s inner cities have “lost,” exactly, by the election of Donald Trump? All those world-class schools black and Democratic mayors and city governments have built for them? Those enviable, crime-free neighborhoods they’ve had over the past 50 years of Democratic rule? What, exactly, are they losing?

Finally, the Resources section of the lesson plan is drawn from Michael Moore and other leftists, and is replete with horrified outrage that convicted felons can’t vote.

The point of education, in other words, is to make students think a certain way. An inane, fact-free way, to boot. Trump Derangement Syndrome is bringing it out of them more brazenly than ever.

Everyone has a tipping point. For some of you, maybe it’s this. Maybe it’s the next thing. But whenever that tipping point comes, your liberation is one click away:

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