TX Rep. Steve Toth Files HB 760 (CSCOPE TRANSPARENCY ACT) To Ensure Oversight of School Curriculum

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Texas CSCOPE Teaching 'Allah is the Almighty God'

The following statement is from newly-elected Conservative Texas State Representative Steve Toth regarding his bill to stop the liberal indoctrination curriculum in Texas known as CSCOPE:



Austin, TX- State Representative Steve Toth (R- The Woodlands) filed HB 760 in a joint effort with other law makers and constituents to ensure that e-learning (on-line or cloud based teaching material) curriculum used in public schools falls under the oversight and approval of the State Board of Education. Many of Representative Toth's constituents have a growing concern over the lack of accountability for the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative, also known as CSCOPE. CSCOPE does not fall under the same oversight and approval as other printed materials because of its digital format. HB 760 would bring the digitized materials under the same publicly vetted process through the State Board of Education adoption process. To this date, CSCOPE has not gone through the intense Texas textbook adoption process in which public hearings are held and factual errors are documented, discussed, and verified.

CSCOPE is in use by over 70% of Texas public schools. The curriculum suffers from two main areas, transparency and accountability. The most important problem is the lack of quality teaching material. "I had one teacher call me and said that she had met with five other math teachers. They were all looking at the same math-word problem and the disappointing thing is that they came up with 6 different and very defensible answers." Representative Toth continued, "teachers live in fear not only of the problematic errors but also in fear of mistakenly sharing with a parent what's being taught in CSCOPE. Teachers are actually forced to sign non-disclosure agreements before they use it in the classroom. Why? Because the Education Service Centers know how angry parents would be to hear that the participants in the Boston Tea Party of 1773 are referred to as Terrorists by CSCOPE and that's just the beginning".

Other factual errors found throughout the curriculum have not been corrected and have been used to teach millions of children faulty math, reading, science, and history. Educators who sign a non-disclosure agreement are forced to administer poor tests which force good educators to either put up with the bad curriculum or quit altogether.

Algebra teacher, Dr. Stan Hartzler of Luling ISD was quoted, "As good testing motivates and informs good students and teachers, so too bad testing discourages everyone and that's the problem with CSCOPE."

"Dr. Hartzler is the kind of man we want and need in the classroom, but he can't fight CSCOPE any longer so he left teaching. Great teachers should be free to make truth come alive in the hearts and minds of our youth rather than handcuffing them to a failed product. HB 760 moves to correct this problem", said Representative Toth.

Thomas Jefferson said "If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be". We cannot afford to cripple the next generations by overlooking the education of our children. Please stand with me by contacting your Elected Officials and asking them to support HB 760 for our children.



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Thanks for his information. I was shocked today to learn Lumberton ISD uses CSCOPE. What can we do to find out more information on the lessons our children are being taught? I'm furious! I cannot be a fly on the wall in my children's schools to be sure they are being properly instructed. Makes you really wonder if you can trust the education system. And at this point, I don't.I'm glad I told you that LISD was using CSCOPE. And thank you for saying you will speak up at the school board meeting. At this meeting we are supposed to also be discussing the superintendent's raise. Hmmmmm. He might not like that a bunch of angry parents show up and put a damper on that!

It is crazy to get so concerned about CSCOPE and believe what Janice VanCleve and her daughter are saying.  They have a motive in spreading false information since Ms. VanCleve is a competitor since she sells educational material.  It is documented that she tried to sell her products to TEA,CSCOPE, etc.  CSCOPE is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skille (TEKS).  All lessons follow the requirements of the TEKS.  TEKS are public.  If you are so concerned about what is in CSCOPE, then you must be concernedcd about the TEKS.  Take a look on the TEA website and read them.  There is not one lesson in CSCOPE that is not authorized by the TEKS.

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