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*This was originally posted on The Tygrrrr Express on October 21st.

Today I am driving from my home in Los Angeles to a lunchtime Tea Party rally in San Diego followed by a dinnertime rally in Yuma, Arizona.

In the last couple days I have covered Senatorial and Gubernatorial candidates. Today is dedicated to the House of Representatives.

Again, I would like Republicans to win 435 to 0. Outside of Dick Morris, nobody on the right is that optimistic. I cannot cover every race or candidate. People who do that brilliantly are Larry Sabato, Michael Barone, Richard Baehr, and Charlie Cook. There are certain races I care about the most. This list will be updated as the election gets closer because I know I have accidentally left some people out.


Bruce Bowen over Maxine Waters. I know Bruce personally. As for Maxine, she is a delightful combination of laziness, race-baiting, and corruption. She is Bell, California, but with a deeper sense of entitlement. She needs to go.

Chuck Wilkerson over Henry Waxman–I have met Chuck. He is a decent man. As for Waxboy, he is a bully. His staff are thugs, and came after me personally for having the nerve to be a conservative blogger. Waxboy is able to ignore his constituents because he gets Hollywood money. He wants to destroy American capitalism under the guise of greeniac lunacy.

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Michigan: Thaddeus McCotter–I just like the guy. I met him once. He is so quick on his feet. I asked him if the Gitmo Detainees should be relocated to Pelosi’s San Francisco district. He replied, “No, that would be cruel and unusual punishment under the 8th Amendment, even for terrorists.” He is a good conservative, the only thing in Michigan that should not be given to Canada. Politicians can be so boring. McCotter mixes common sense with humor.

Minnesota: Michelle Bachman–I have met her several times. She is a phenomenal human being. The left wants to destroy her because she is a female conservative, and a devout Christian at that. She is also professionally a tax attorney, so she knows tax law. She is at the top of the Pelosiraptor’s hit list, another reason to reelect her.


Eric Cantor–I met him a couple of times, and as a Jewish Republican I take great pride in his ascendancy. He is a real conservative, not a deal-making jellyfish who will give in to the left. He faces death threats for being Jewish and Republican, and does not back down. He must be reelected.

*Read more about Virginia Congressional candidates here.

Hawaii: Charles Djou–I have not had the pleasure of meeting him. He came to Los Angeles but I was out of town. The Republican Jewish Coalition actively worked to get him elected, and he deserves a full term to bring his moderate Republicanism to very blue Hawaii.

Idaho: Raul Labrador over Walt Minnick–I met him and got to know him a few months ago. He is a genuinely nice person, and a true Idaho conservative. His opponent claims to be a conservative Democrat, but like too many claiming that, are dragged leftward by the Pelosiraptor. Mr. Labrador will not have that problem.

Texas: Pastor Stephen Broden–I have met him a couple of times, and he is a fiery orator. Yet being a phenomenal speaker does not mean he lacks substance. That would be President Obama. Pastor Broden matches his passion with compassion. He believes in conservatism to lift human biengs, and sees liberalism as dragging and keeping people down. He would be a fantastic addition to the house.

Ohio: Peter Corrigan over Dennis Kucinich–Kucinich is not just a hard leftist who makes the Pelosiraptor look moderate. He is also awful on Israel issues. To his credit, Kucinich takes principled stands and sticks to them. He is not a weasel. He is just wrong. He represents what the Democratic Party has become, although at least he admits it. Peter Corrigan, who I have never met, is your standard Ohio Republican adult who will get to work in a non-flashy, dignified way.


Daniel Webster over Alan Grayson–Alan Grayson is scum. He represents the worst aspect of politics. Also, he might be clinically nuts. Either ay, he should not be medicated on the taxpayer’s dime. I have not met Daniel Webster, but he is not Alan Grayson. That is sufficient.

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Massachusetts: Sean Beilat over Barney Frank–Barney Frank is a disgusting slob. Any criticism of him, he plays the gay card and calls his critics homophobic. He is the corrupt head of the Financial Services Committee who blathered on about the solvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as they were collapsing. He also has had sexual relationships with people he was supposed to be regulating. This is a conflict of interest, but again, any criticism of him is homophobia. Again, he is a disgusting slob. It is time for him to go. I have not met Sean Beilat, but he is far more dignified than Barney the Bully will ever be. It is time for Barney the Dinosaur to go back to the Cretaceous Era.

If anybody has other races I should cover, please let me know immediately. In the coming days I will cover some of the local races such as judges across the country that unfairly get overlooked. Now go vote, and vote Republican! We need to clean the house and fire the Pelosiraptor!

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