Begging for Oil. Again.

Five of the world’s top-producing oil countries, including Saudi Arabia, announced they will be cutting oil production by nearly 2 million barrels per day. This will result in higher gas prices here at home unless the Biden Administration accepts reality and boosts U.S. oil production.

This decision comes just months after President Biden visited Saudi Arabia to beg the country to produce more oil and help lower energy prices, but the Biden Administration’s weakness abroad means the U.S. no longer commands the respect of these nations. In response, instead of unleashing U.S. energy production, it was reported last Wednesday Biden is considering easing sanctions on socialist Venezuela in exchange for pumping more oil.

President Biden would rather deplete our strategic oil reserves and beg foreign dictators for help than return the United States to energy independence. The Left must stop catering to the radical environmentalists in control of them. If they do not act soon, American families will be unable to afford to heat their homes this winter. 



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