Biden Targets Oil & Gas Workers

Houston is the energy capitol of America, and we are proud of our companies and hard-working Americans. But it seems like each week, President Biden is launching a new attack on our nation’s oil and gas workers. After killing the Keystone XL pipeline, President Biden went one step further in banning new oil and gas leasing on federal lands. 

We cannot let this happen, and I will fight for Texas workers and oppose these actions – as well as any others that hurt American workers and energy independence. 

That’s why I hosted Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, members of the House Republican Conference, and Texas oil and gas leaders on the Houston Ship Channel for an energy roundtable. There, we heard first-hand how devastating these radical policies are to American workers and companies – and called upon President Biden to reverse his job-killing actions.

Click here or above to watch my remarks.

“Millions of Americans are jobless, thanks to the pandemic. 

“President Biden’s top priority, while defeating the virus, is getting Americans back to work. 

“So it’s troubling that in his first week in office he deliberately killed more than a million good-paying jobs in America. Many of them blue-collar, many of them union, many of them here in Texas. 

“His attack on traditional American energy workers may be cheered by the Green New Deal crowd – and Russia, China & the Middle East - but it’s devastating to our workers, families and local businesses here in Houston.

Click here or above to watch the full press conference. 

“So, Mr. President, I invite you, challenge you to come here to Houston. Meet face-to-face with the workers whose jobs you ended, meet with their families and their companies – who face even more layoffs thanks to you. 

“Tell them why their jobs don’t matter to you, why their families don’t matter. 

“And tell them where they can apply – now – for all those good-paying jobs you’ve promised will replace them. Because they have bills now, they have kids heading to college now. 

“Mr. President, you pledged at your Inauguration to do your very best for all of America, not just those who supported you. Reversing your job-killing actions would be a good place to start.”


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