Crenshaw Selected to House Climate Committee

I have been selected by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to serve on the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis for the 117th Congress. 

I will also continue to serve on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, where I serve on the Subcommittee on Climate Change.

If we’re serious about tackling climate change, we need to get serious about advancing bipartisan solutions that boost American energy innovation. That’s how we tackle this challenge, and we can do this without killing American energy jobs or American energy independence. Americans are tired of this false choice of inaction or economy-crushing regulations when it comes to climate change. I look forward to serving on this committee to push for policies that will protect our environment and our economy and our energy independence all at the same time.

“When America is the leader in energy production, the world’s climate benefits. What we need isn’t to make energy production harder, we need leaders across the private sector and in Congress who can leverage innovative solutions to help make cleaner energy, and also provide Americans with good-paying jobs. Since coming to Congress, Representative Dan Crenshaw has embodied this idea. That is why I am proud to have selected him to serve on the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. I am confident that Dan will be an invaluable resource in helping the committee meet the challenges of the climate crisis,” said Republican Leader McCarthy. 


The select committee was authorized by House Resolution 6 on January 9, 2019, and is tasked with making climate policy recommendations to Congress.

I have been a leading voice in the Republican party on climate change, calling for innovative solutions to protect the environment without hurting the economy.

passed two bipartisan bills into law last year to boost carbon capture technology.


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