EPA Administrator Regan Needs to Visit the Permian Basin

Immediately following Dr. Nance’s visit to the Permian Basin, I had the opportunity to question her boss, EPA Administrator Michael Regan, in an Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing. 

It is clear to me that Administrator Regan does not understand the importance of the Permian Basin or the devastating impacts that his policies could have on our community. Watch here or below to see our full exchange. I will always stand up for the men and women in the energy industry who fuel our nation. 

The EPA has threatened to declare the Permian Basin as a nonattainment zone for ozone--a move that would devastate the oil & gas industry. I questioned Administrator Regan if he had met with small or local producers to see how detrimental this move would be to American energy. My message for Administrator Regan: Visit the Permian Basin. Click here or below for my full line of questioning. 


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