The Fight Over Free Speech and Science

While the political campaigns are moving on, Obama's Stalinist tactics were on parade when Loretta Lynch confirmed that she's referring complaints to DOJ against oil companies for potential criminal prosecution. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a leading Democratic Stalinist, when it comes to scientific free speech, has goals to jail scientists who disagree with his theories on how humans are destroying mankind and bankrupt the fossil fuel companies. As Powerlineblog John Hinderaker noted

The Obama Administration's idea of a crime is not, apparently, violating federal laws and regulations and State Department procedures in a manner that exposes thousands of classified documents to our enemies. No, that isn’t the sort of conduct that is likely to draw an indictment from Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice. Obama’s DOJ is more interested in trying to jail scientists who point out the rather obvious flaws in the government’s desperate effort to convince Americans that global warming is our greatest threat.

The Obama administration and Democratic senators are not just politicizing the science but enforcing their scientific worldview, they are now looking to the government's justice department and government bureaucracies to destroy the fossil fuels and criminalize scientific difference. As John Hinderaker observed:

The Soviets did that, in order to shore up the hopeless but government-favored theories of Lysenko. Until now, such conduct would have been unthinkable in an American administration. But Barack Obama, to his everlasting shame, is willing to emulate Josef Stalin by threatening criminal prosecution of those who disagree with the equally hopeless theories of Michael Mann et al. American history has come to a very sad pass.

So the next time someone starts talking about Donald Trump being a fascist, just remember which political party has used legal action against opponents, including the use of IRS to go after conservative groups, in states like Wisconsin using Gestapo tactics to go after Scott Walker’s supporters, and now talking about using RICO against climate realists who don’t agree with the conventional wisdom that human activities is the key reason for climate change. Add in the recent episode in which leftists including Bernie Sanders supporters were trying to shut down and interfere with the leader in the Republican nomination, you get a pattern of the leftist's attempt to restrict their political opponents. So who are the fascists, the Stalinists? When it comes to the climate change debate, Sheldon Whitehouse is behaving like a Stalinist.

Meanwhile, the skeptics' worldview keeps being proved correct and the alarmists attempt to manipulate science is being debunked. The recent government announcement that they have proven the pause in climate temperature didn’t exist has now been debunked by another study and proves what climate realists have stated all along: we are in the midst of a pause in climate temperature change. From Nature magazine:

But in June last year, a study in Science claimed that the hiatus was just an artefact which vanishes when biases in temperature data are corrected…Now a prominent group of researchers is countering that claim, arguing in Nature Climate Change that even after correcting these biases the slowdown was real. "There is this mismatch between what the climate models are producing and what the observations are showing,” says lead author John Fyfe, a climate modeller at the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis in Victoria, British Columbia. “We can’t ignore it.”

It should be pointed out that many of these researchers are considered climate alarmists, but it shows that science is not settled which makes the efforts of Senator Whitehouse even more alarming since their own science is under siege.

The government is going after fossil fuel companies while the EPA is doing its best to destroy the coal industry and those high paying jobs that go with them. Powerline's John Hinderaker wrote: 

Actually, the oil companies have mostly been bystanders in the climate debate. But the Democrats are trying to deflect attention away from the fact that their global warming theory is crumbling in the face of the facts. The oil companies make convenient scapegoats.

What is outrageous about this is not the debate–no matter however flimsy, dishonest and self-interested the government-funded alarmists may be–but rather the Democrats’ attempt to shut the debate off by trying to imprison those who won’t toe their line. This is the most blatant violation of the First Amendment that we have seen in a very long time.

The Democratic Party has become the enemy of scientific research and free speech as they are attempting to stop the exchange of ideas and ensure that their ideas are what triumph. And Donald Trump is called a fascist.


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