Glasgow Showcases Climate Hypocrisy, Biden Should Look to Texas for Energy Innovation

Monday on the floor, I discussed the upcoming U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland and what attendees could learn from Texas’ all-of-the-above energy approach. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video can be found here.

Thousands of politicians from 200 different countries will convene in Glasgow, Scotland for the U.N. climate summit. They'll step off their private planes and into meetings about the need to reduce global emissions, and I'm not sure many of them will see the irony of their actions.

These leaders will try to paint fossil fuels at the world's greatest enemy. They'll make lofty and, yes, unrealistic commitments to eventually transition to clean energy sources. And at the same time, they'll completely ignore the realities of the current energy landscape.

Around the world, energy shortages are having a costly impact on working families. Here at home, Americans are experiencing sticker shock at the gas pump.

Texas has been a leader, in fact, in efforts to develop cleaner and more diverse sorts of energy. We are truly an all-of-the-above state. We produce more electricity from wind turbines than any other state in the nation. New solar farms are being built all across our state, and private companies are making incredible investments in carbon capture and other emission-reducing technologies.

As an armada of Biden Administration officials pack their bags for Glasgow, I want to remind them that there's far more at stake than just the President's credibility on this score: it's our future economy, it’s on our ability to provide good, well-paying jobs to hardworking American families, and it is our ability as Americans to export energy, which allows some of our friends and allies around the world not to depend solely on the tender mercies of Vladimir Putin.


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