The Paris Betrayal

The recent climate agreement is nothing more a great betrayal of the middle class and poor here in the United States as the left will continue their war on fossil fuels while increasing the cost of energy. From a world perspective, a pundit summarized the result as he wrote that this treaty represents the “transfer of wealth from the poor people in rich nations to the wealthy people in poorer countries.”

Climate specialist and blogger Anthony Watts wrote, “[John] Kerry also emphasizes that even if all industrial country emissions were zeroed out, it would mean nothing for the climate…What further proof does one need that #COP21 has no basis is science, and is nothing more than pandering to a bunch of eco-organizations and poorer countries looking for a handout. What a complete circus.”

So there it is, we have an agreement that no one admits will do a single thing to deal with climate change as if this is a problem that humans can actually solve or should even try. The biggest loser here in the United States will be the poor and the middle class.

This agreement is not legally binding, and two of the biggest CO2 emitters, China and India, are not even required to do much of anything nor will they pay into the climate fund that is to be distributed to “poorer countries.” So what we got is “voluntary progress on stopping CO2 emissions” but make no mistake, the political left will insist that the United States will fulfill their obligation and we will see a furious attempt to eliminate carbon fuel systems from our economy, which will destroy jobs and reduce living standards.

If UN goals are reached, we will see a significant drop in projected per capita by 2050, maybe as much as reduction of a projected 30,000 dollars per capita in 2050 to 1,200 dollars per capita. If this projection is true, this means Americans in 2050 would find themselves with a living standard worse than what their relatives experienced in 1830.

Another aspect is that this is nothing more than a gift for the present rich since there won’t be many rich folks in 2050 if the full scale plan is enacted. Many Democratic donors will find new ways to fleece the public treasury and enrich their pockets with all kind of green giveaways. As I have shown in past columns, green technology has become a nearly two trillion dollar business, much of it existing due to government subsidies, something that many Democratic investors have found out. As I pointed out in past columns, Warren Buffet has admitted that his investment in Iowa wind farms for example is a money loser without government support and Iowa ethanol has for years succeeded due to government help.

The political left has declared war on the very people they claim to love. The coal miner in West Virginia and Kentucky are losing their livelihood and the citizens of Western New York whose opportunity for increase wealth was denied due to the governor not allowing fracking to occur. They are the victims of the climate alarmists’ extremism, and they are just the first of many who will slip into poverty as alarmists' power grab takes hold.

The science behind man-made climate change is imploding on a daily basis, and no one is seriously arguing that this treaty will do one damn thing to save the planet, but it is a great transfer of wealth from rich nations to the wealthy of poor nations, and it is transfer of wealth in the United States from the middle class who need inexpensive energy to the uber rich associated with their climate alarmists allies and government bureaucrats who will control every aspect of our lives. As MIT Richard Lindzen noticed, “Control CO2 levels and you control all aspect of life.” Welcome to the road to serfdom.


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