Pfluger Introduces Bill to Protect Critical Infrastructure

Wednesday, I introduced the Cyber Deterrence and Response Act of 2022. The bill works to deter foreign nation-states from perpetuating cyberattacks against American critical infrastructure—including the energy sector.

I said: "In the midst of Russia’s war on Ukraine, the eyes of the world have turned to the Permian Basin to provide energy security not only to our country—but our allies and partners as well. Yesterday, it was reported that Russian hackers are seeking ways to exploit energy companies across the world. We must have a framework in place that the Biden Administration can use to properly hold bad actors accountable. I amw proud to introduce a bill that accomplishes that goal. In these times of uncertainty, we must take whatever necessary actions to help protect our Nation’s critical infrastructure from cyberattacks perpetuated by foreign nations. Energy security is National security, and the work that happens in the Permian Basin has never been more important.”


  • The bill deters would-be cyber-attackers sponsored by foreign nation-states by clarifying that the United States would respond to serious attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure.
  • Compels the President to respond to a cyberattack either with sanctions or a classified/unclassified report for Congress to explain why they are not acting to create more accountability for the Executive.
  • Protects the energy sector by codifying its designation as critical infrastructure.

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