Rep Turner to President Biden: Unleash American Energy Production

Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10) and his colleagues are imploring the Biden Administration to unleash American energy production as an alternative to releasing 15 million barrels from the Strategic Oil Reserve, which President Biden announced last week. Their letter outlined several solutions to promote America’s energy security.

In the letter members wrote:

"While millions of Americans are struggling to fill up their gas tanks, pay their electric bills, heat their homes and feed their families, it was disappointing to see your announcement this week to yet again play politics with our America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. There is a better way, that will provide lasting energy price relief and security for American families. It is that our nation's abundant natural resources should be unleashed to provide homegrown solutions...

Mr. President, this winter, New England should get its natural gas from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, not Trinidad & Tobago, and certainly not Russia. Americans should not have to rely on foreign natural gas imports because of a lack of adequate energy infrastructure to meet their needs. Increasing our nation's energy infrastructure is critical to ensuring we can meet our growing energy demands while continuing to reduce emissions. We need a holistic approach that includes additional pipelines and U.S. refining capacity..

Your Administration should send a signal of support for the domestic production of oil and gas. Anything to the contrary will send mixed messages to the global community as to the stability and reliability of U.S. oil and natural gas supplies on the market."

Read the full letter here.


Today, gas prices in Ohio are up $0.50 compared to last year and the cost of heating a home is up 17 percent, costing households nearly $200 more this winter. Unleashing American energy production will alleviate unnecessary economic pressure on Ohioans by increasing supply, creating jobs, and securing our energy sector from foreign influence. 


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