Revive the Keystone Pipeline

President Trump has signed an executive order to revive the Canadian Keystone XL pipeline. If Keystone does not go through, it is not as if Americans will stop buying oil to meet our energy needs. No, we will just buy it from somewhere else. That includes countries like Saudi Arabia or corrupt Venezuela. 

It seems to me that we would rather see a stable country and neighbor like Canada get this contract than Venezuela or Middle Eastern countries. 

Keystone is also good for the United States. Keystone XL pipeline will bring thousands of jobs to my home State of Texas. This is where the pipeline ends at the refineries in southeast Texas. 

At peak capacity, the pipeline is expected to deliver 830,000 barrels a day to the Gulf Coast. That is as much fuel as we get from Saudi Arabia. At peak capacity, this will be better for the United States and energy independence. 

TransCanada has reapplied for this permit, and the State Department needs to approve it. Pipelines are the most economical and environmentally safe way to move fuel, and it is time we make this happen.

And that is just the way it is. 


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