Why Is Greenland Called Greenland?...And Other Inconvenient Questions

Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Denies Man-Caused Climate Change

Greenland is called Greenland because Vikings discovered it and established settlements on a large piece of land that had vibrant green vegetation growing on the gentle sloping fields near the shoreline. They established settlements, the ruins of which you can visit if you wear arctic gear and hire a guide to show you. Many people do not know that Vikings, despite their fierce reputation, were farmers, and the settlements on what they called “Greenland” were farm communities. They grew crops, not icicles, and tended to their fields and animals.

This piece by Dr. Patrick Moore, gives some insight into not only Viking settlements in Greenland, but, more importantly, into the underlying scientific facts of climatology that form unanswerable questions about the nature of Earth’s climate, and whether the purported theory that humans are responsible for climate change in the world today is correct. Dr. Moore was a co-founder and leader of Greenpeace, a significant environmental organization that most of us recognize. Moore questions the underlying science used to support the UN Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change's (IPCC) findings on climate change. Further, he points to an obvious point: The IPCC must find in favor of “the apocalypse” or face being discontinued as not necessary, and funding grants to certain scientists would erode or even disappear. Aha!

This is not a climate change “hater” or “denier” or an “anti-environmentalist”. This is a reasoned, experienced environmentalist and scientist that is simply saying, “The scientific proof that humans are causing climate change simply does not exist.” Read on and don’t forget to read the voluminous comments on the original blog if you want to see the best side of human intellect, and the worst side as well.

I commend this significant piece to all who wish to actually understand what the climate “debate” is and is not. This may not please you if you get your scientific updates and information from Leonardo DiCaprio or Al Gore. Further pieces will appear onTexasGOPVote about this subject in the near future.


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