Environmentalism Is The New Socialism

A recent Gallup Poll measured the image of "socialism" among the American people. 36% of Americans have a positive view, while 58% have a negative view. However, the views greatly differ by political party. Only 17% of Republicans had a posisitive image of socialism, while 53% of Democrats have a negative view. 

Bill O'Reilly talked about the poll results yesterday on his show.

"A socialist believes the government has the right to control and/or seize private property and regulate the distribution of goods and services. That means the government has all the power, and you have none. And 53% of Democrats think that's a positive thing? Gallup says it didn't define 'socialism' and therefore some of the respondents simply don't know what socialism is. Even so, the poll is disturbing because there is a trend by the Obama administration to expand the federal government and redistribute wealth. It is long past time for Americans to wake up - the far left wants to diminish personal power and impose social justice on the nation. They want to erode our personal freedoms in order to right what they consider wrongs brought about by capitalism. Talking Points believes that will not happen, and the more exposure this quasi-socialism gets, the more Americans will object. America was founded on hard work, personal responsibility and honest achievement. Socialism has no place in the USA."

Laura Ingraham was a guest on The O'Reilly Factor yesterday and announced that "environmentalism is the new socialism."

"If the federal government gets the power to tell people what kind of car they can drive and what kind of energy they use to heat their homes, then they control the industries that provide the cars and the energy and everything else. The government becomes tremendously powerful."

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