EPA Writes Stimulus Check to China

The NRCC has reported that Obama’s EPA has been funneling money from the failed, so-called stimulus, which was intended to create jobs in America, to the Chinese government and other foreign groups for various environmental projects.

According to the Daily Caller:

China and other foreign interests have been significant beneficiaries of stimulus money through the Environmental Protection Agency, to the tune of some $27 million, since the law passed in February 2009.

Congressional investigators with the House Energy and Commerce Committee found that the EPA engaged in practices such as giving a $718,000 grant to the China State Environment Protection Administration to help it comply with the Stockholm and Long Range Transport of Air Pollutants Convention among others.

Other example of assistance from the U.S. include helping the International Police Organization in supporting climate change projects and assisting in the implementation of air pollution prevention in the city of Jakarta.

Dianne Costa, candidate for U.S. Congress, comments:

"So here we are with all the problems this ill-guided Administration has created. We are now giving money to foreign countries through the EPA who uses its long stretching arm in the US to intimidate, particularly states like Texas. We could have taken that $27 million that belonged to us the taxpayers (and given to foreign countries) to make some common sense decisions. How about renaming the EPA? Empowering the People of America? Then we can create our own Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness."


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