The Essence of Reagan

There has been much debate and discussion in regards to the Republican Party and the course it has taken. This discussion at times may have become heated and demonstrative. This is a good thing! I know it sounds crazy but if you really think about it, what is it that could get someone so upset about something unless they really cared about it. I know there are many Conservatives, Republicans, Constitutionalist, Independents, and Libertarians who at this point in our political struggles want to express their vision as it relates to the values, principles, and beliefs of the Party and the direction it should pursue. I personally would respond to their actions as being American. It is important for a party to go through some labor and reconciliation much like our Constitution. We have to remember to take a step back and look at all sides objectively much like we do in our own personal families. If you were to take a moment and reflect on families that have not gone through struggles and conflict, you will not recall any. Struggles and conflict do not represent our party as being dysfunctional or toxic but expanding and evolving. It is through the struggles that we find our identity.

If we take a hard and open look at what we each strongly believe in and want to stand for, you will see that each faction of the party believes in the U.S. Constitution. We all believe in God and look for him to guide and protect us. We all believe that as U.S. Citizens we deserve the opportunity to achieve the American dream such as owning our own business, our own land, marrying the love of our life, providing for and protecting our family, and defending that dream with a good old fashioned butt kicking to whoever wants to try and take it away. We all agree that this is impossible if you have a federal government trying to regulate every aspect of our individual and social freedom. We all understand that some elected officials who have abused our trust and power should be held accountable. It is okay to be upset with elected officials whom you believe have not represented your principles or have lost their moral compass. Citizenship is not for the weak but for the strong. Citizenship requires its citizens to take full responsibility for those who they have chosen to represent them. Citizenship is an active participation in the management of our government. We cannot be conservative under man’s law but under God’s law.

One of the greatest lessons that Jesus has ever taught us was to understand how to turn the other cheek. Jesus stated, “Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also”. This sounds very simple and unfortunately to a great degree we respond to this passage literally, which is to say that we are supposed to physically turn the other cheek and take another blow. What we fail to realize is that Jesus was not speaking as a man but as the Son of Man and wanted us to understand that the act was not so much in turning the other cheek but to not surrender your spirit or faith. Our great nation was founded on this sense of spirit and faith and can be recalled by the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”.

If we glance at what is going on today, it would be fair to say that we are physically and spiritually being challenged and our faith and loyalty to our family, community, and more important to our constitution is being questioned. As a party we are starving for leaders who demonstrate integrity, accountability, and service but our search comes up empty or so we think.

We who were once united are divided and have created a garden of anger, hate, and resentment. This is not to say that it is not justified but if justice is what we seek then when will we be able to justify the election of a socialist party at the expense of our need to be righteous. We have many good people running for office and I highly encourage you to make your case for each of them to the people and the party, but there is no room for corrupt elected officials. To put it this way, if you were aware of someone who puts down another person what does that really say about that person’s character? If they talk about them, what is to say that they don’t talk about me the same way? Let God deal with the hypocrites and traitors and let us focus on leading the charge of bringing back traditional common sense government to the people. For it is the spirit of liberty that unites us all regardless of which faction of the party you choose to be associated with today. Let Texas be the Lone Star for other states to pursue in attaining liberty and freedom from a centralized government. It is in our roots that we will find the divinity of free will and service to our country, families, and fellow man. These roots will blossom into a solid tree that will produce an abundance of fruit and prosperity for all races, denominations, and genders.

Our mission is simple and that is to collaborate, discuss, debate, and then unify and get people registered to vote. We cannot fear of expanding our party base within a nation that is looking for opportunity versus racial division. It is better to drive the fear of unification into our opponents’ hearts and minds and all the collectivist who drool at the idea of a divided America.

We, the silent majority of Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Constitutionalist and for me personally, a Reagan Republican, have been awakened and are ready to stampede into the halls of government and reveal to this administration what real change is!

In closing I leave with the words of President Ronald Reagan's speech from the CPAC Conference in 1982,

“We want to expand personal freedom, to renew the American dream for every American. We seek to restore opportunity and reward, to value again personal achievement and individual excellence. We seek to rely on the ingenuity and energy of the American people to better their own lives and those of millions of others around the world”.

So for me, as a Reagan Republican, I ask us to let us go back to the basics of conservatism, liberty, prosperity, equality, and nationalism as a party and a people.


I was wondering if you support gay rights because above you state that everyone should be able to marry who they love.Does that apply to same sex couples? Or are you just hypocritical?

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