In Family We Trust

I have been blessed to have come from a wonderful family. Yes, there were times when it was turbulent and times that created endless memories. My family is fourth generation Texan and originated out of Rock Springs, Texas. My father, who has three retirements, continues to work hard. My mother, God rests her soul, was compassionate, spirited, and at times stubborn but like most mothers she was the backbone of our family. We were taught the fundamentals of what was common for most Hispanic families and that was go to church, get an education, work hard, and take care of each other because you can always count on your family. We did not expect or ask for any handouts and we made do with what we had. We might have been poor at that time but to this day it was a blessing to know you could withstand tough times and still hold your head up.

The Hispanic, Latino, Tejano, Chicano, Mexican-American, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Dominican, Panamanian or whatever label that is generated these days was irrelevant because we were always family. It was important to work hard, be respectful, and live life to the fullest. Money, fame, or power was not the answer to our happiness, but being able to have the opportunity to share our love, gratitude, loyalty, and faith with our family members was more than enough to make up the difference. Of course, like most families we had our struggles, differences, and social development, but the key was always our faith. If we lost our faith then we also begin to lose our identity, not only as a family but as an individual.

As a modern Hispanic community we may have lost our true ways due to politics, power, fame, and money but our roots run deep in this land. They exist prior to the founding of the American Colonies and begin with the landing of Christopher Columbus, at least from the Hispanic perspective. Our Indigent Latin and North American Indian bloodlines go even deeper prior to Columbus’ landing. We are proud people and believe in service not only to our families but to our community. We have served our country in every war that has been fought on this land as well as the lands abroad. The principles of the Constitution are the principles that we hold dear to our culture. In the depths of our souls, we divinely know that God is our father and our way of life. It is God that believes in keeping the family together and bringing back the days of virtue and service to self and others. It is our personal responsibility to ensure that we are not misled by political or social half truths that will keep us away from our divine self. We do not need politicians telling us that we deserve more material equality, justice, and status to be accepted because we have already lived and know what is right and wrong with this world. We have lived here for centuries and will continue to live here long past the silver tongues and two faces. We can control our own nation’s destiny with ability of exercising our ability to vote. This entitlement was paid for by the blood and sacrifices by all our service men and women of this country. We do not ask our political servants to acquire special privileges or programs for one member of our family versus another. We ask them to practice the same principles we learned as a family growing up. My parents never said they loved one child more than another, so why would our political structure attempt to convince us that we deserve the same or more than someone who has worked harder and longer than we have. Our parents sacrificed so that we could have the opportunity to work hard, appreciate, and achieve our dreams versus receiving a handout. This is why it's important not just to register to vote, but exercise your sacred birthright and vote! For me personally, it is the conservative (traditional) party that I have chosen that best represents my family’s values and principles. It is also God’s faith in me to run for U.S. Senate. I publically have stated that God is my campaign manager because there is no way I could do all the things I am doing right now without his help!

In closing, I hope and pray that my words (good or bad) have at least moved your mind and heart to reflect on the importance of our families and the responsibilities we have to protect, support, and guide them through these unstable social times. Remember to trust in your family and faith in God. Take Care and peace be with you!


Andrew Castanuela is a candidate for U.S. Senate.


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