9/11 Embassy Attacks Coordinated by Al-Qaida - U.S. Must STOP Funding Muslim Terrorists in Egypt & Libya

Update: It has now been confirmed by Libya and U.S. Military officials that the attack was a planned terrorist attack with the anti Muslim film being used as a cover. Even Obama was duped into thinking the attack was over the anti Muslim film, but I guess it does not take much to get him to sympathize with Muslims. Maybe if he had gone to intelligence briefings even once in the last week! How dare he attack freedom of speech and justify the film as being the cause of the murders when in fact it was a planned al Qaida attack on 9/11.

Libya Embassy Attack was not Over Anti-Muslim Film - It Was Coordinated 9/11 Attack by al-Qaida

Murders of US Citizens are happening in attacks on US Embassies in Egypt and Libya and shockingly, many, including Obama, seem to be criticizing Americans for being opposed to Muslim beliefs as the cause of these attacks. Yep, they blame free speech and justify murder because someone got their feelings hurt. It is strange that the same people who are criticizing Americans for speaking out against Muslim beliefs think it is just fine for them to bash and speak out against Christian beliefs.

Well, it now seems as though these attacks and murders were not caused by an anti-Muslim film and were actually part of a coordinated al-Qaida attack against Americans on 9/11.

From WTOP:

Congressman: Embassy attack in Libya was coordinated

WASHINGTON - Intelligence experts and U.S. government officials are starting to view the attack in Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in Benghazi as a coordinated attack. Congressman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., went as far Wednesday to say the attack had all the hallmarks of al-Qaida. "This was a coordinated attack, more of a commando style event. It had both coordinated fire, direct fire, indirect fire," Rogers said following an intelligence briefing on Capitol Hill. Other sources, including officials at the Pentagon and the State Department, are also discussing the possibility that it was a planned operation, and some say several developments support the possibility. The incident does not appear to be a random mob scene, but rather an opportunity that militants seized, sources say. The attackers used a rocket-propelled grenade, a weapon not traditionally carried by protesters, but commonly used by terrorists. The attack is believed to have come in two waves. The first wave got inside of the compound, and a second wave penetrated a secure location inside the building. This development raises questions about how the attackers knew the location of that secure facility, sources say.

Read the rest of the WTOP story HERE.

The U.S. Must STOP Sending Money to Egypt and Libya IMMEDIATELY

Following yesterday's 9/11 anniversary Muslim Terrorist attacks on American Embassies in Egypt, the U.S. must immediately stop sending our American Tax Dollars to these countries, and ALL other countries who support terrorist.

Heck, we probably GAVE Libya the WEAPONS that KILLED OUR AMERICANS over there!

We cannot even pay for our own countries activities. Why are we funding these American Hating Country's activities?

Obama has been called out already for sympathizing with these murderers so I will not hold my breath waiting to see if he will do the right thing and stop sending OUR money to these countries.

Several Conservative Lawmakers have come out already demanding that these countries be stripped of funding immediately, Hopefully this picks up steam.



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