9/11 Tribute

Today is September 11th, eleven years after the cowardly attack on our citizens. I will teach my children that on that day, while many focused on the panic and the retreat of our citizens in the streets, our first battles were already being won by heroes.

Courageous firefighters, police and bystanders rushed toward the attacks trying to save every life that they could. Sadly many of them perished when the towers came down. At the Pentagon, soldiers rushed in to save their brothers and sisters in arms trapped by the flames. And in the air, a group of passengers had learned of the attack and had quickly realized their fate. Instead of taking their seats and talking to their loved ones one last time, they gathered what they could and they attacked the enemy with every bit of resolve that only an American can possess.

These brave souls fought and forced the enemy to ditch their efforts of hitting our Capitol or White House and instead crashed the plane in a remote field in Pennsylvania killing all on board. These are the stories I will tell of that day, to show my children what the real face of America looks like and to show the unrelenting, unwavering traits that make up America’s heart and soul. God bless the souls that were lost that day and the warriors who went in knowing they would not come out. We will sing your song, share your stories, and remember you forever.



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