Abortion – The Positive Side of Wendy Davis’ Attempted Changes to the Definitions in the Abortion Argument - Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, Wendy Davis announced at a campaign stop at the University of Texas that she is “Pro-Life.” She went on to say that her definition of “Pro-Life” had to do with the feeding and educating of the children that had been already born. She went on to say that she cared about life and that she has a record for fighting for life. Then, in the same breath, she said that she was fighting for and going to continue to fight for a woman’s health. To a lot of us, this was disingenuous since one of the principle parts of the abortion bill that she filibustered against had everything to do with protecting the woman’s health from less than qualified medical providers.

The good news is that Wendy’s misappropriation of the “Pro-Life” moniker acted as a wakeup call to me. It should be a wakeup call to others who feel about abortion like I do. The good news is that like a bucket of cold water being thrown on a sleeping teenager (no, I have never had to do that to my son), I am now awakened and will share with others a couple of ideas on we can and should respond to this chicanery.

PART 2 – Pro Abortion candidates are learning to use similar tricks with phraseology.

Second, we have to be on our guard for other subtleties. Having a background in criminal prosecution helps me here. When asking a candidate about their views about abortion, be cautious if they only say, “[p]ersonally, I am against abortion.” Like the phrase, “I am a fiscal conservative,” the phrase “I am personally against abortion” can be an effective evade for what they are really saying. My trained ear tells me what they are really saying in both instances is that “I am personally against abortion, but I support another woman’s right to make her own choice.” I witnessed this recently when Midland, Texas had its’ recent Mayoral election. Of the five candidates, three affirmatively stated that they were “Pro-Life.” The other two stated that “[they] were personally against abortion [for themselves].” The irony of this position was that one of the two candidates who had this position was a man.

As a Pro-Life/Pro-Rights person, I urge others to be vigilant when vetting candidates for elected office. Listen carefully to what the candidates are really saying and make sure they stand on the issues as you would expect them to. If you really want to know where the candidate stands on the “life” issue, ask them, “When do you think the natural rights of a person attaches?”




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