ALL Studies show EQUAL Parenting Time is in Best Interest of a Child’s Health and Wellbeing

Going back and forth between parents has no measurable effect, while unequal time with parents proves to be detrimental

At the April 2021 hearing for the Texas HB 803 Equal Parenting Bill, Representative Ramos questioned if it was harmful and bad for children to have to go back and forth between parents in an equal parenting arrangement. That is a good question, and thankfully we know the answer to that is definitively no. Not because I say so, but because the experts all say so. But in the end, do we really even need the experts to know that kids want and desire to have a loving relationship with both fit and loving parents, and they hurt greatly without it?

Fortunately, every study from every university, doctor, or psychologist says that there is no harm to children to have to go back and forth between two loving parents and two loving homes with two sets of beds, toys, and clothes.

EVERY study does however show that there is drastic and detrimental harm to children when they do not have equal possession and access with both of their fit and loving parents. No study or psychologist will say otherwise, and over 100 peer reviewed studies from unbiased professionals all say that joint time with both parents leads to drastically better outcomes for children across the board in every metric and area of measurement. Equal Parenting is proven to be in the best interest of children!

Over the past few decades, countless studies have reinforced the notion that equal parenting time is generally better for children’s well-being. As a recent reference, consider Linda Nielsen’s 2018 article published by the Journal of Child Custody.

In this article, Nielsen’s findings show that approximately 80% of children living under joint physical custody arrangements have better outcomes than those living under sole physical custody with regard to their behavioral, emotional, physical, and academic well-being, as well as better relationships with their parents and grandparents. Her findings also indicate that another 10% of joint physical custody children have equally positive outcomes in those areas in comparison to sole physical custody children.

If this were a family court proceeding, the expert testimony would hold weight and sway the judge. Well, these experts, all the experts, say that equal parenting is best for kids and leads to better outcomes. The State Representatives of Texas should put some weight to these experts, and not listen to the attorney lobby groups who have a financial interest in parents not sharing kids and have ingrained into some of the representatives the idea that kids having equal access to both fit and loving parents is somehow a bad thing. Ignoring these facts and studies only holds children back and harms them. Teen crime, drug use,  suicide, and school drop outs primarily come from unequal parenting homes. That is the fact. Texas Representatives must stand up for the children of Texas and stand for their future and their best interest. Texas must pass the HB 803 Equal Parenting bill.


To watch some of my testimony at the April 2021 Texas House hearing on HB 803, click this video: 


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