America – Imagine the World without Her: Countering Progressivism’s Attack on the very Idea of America!

Having met Dinesh D'Souza briefly, having seen his first movie 2016 and read that book, and now having seen the new movie America—Imagine the World without Her twice, I could hardly wait to read the book the movie was based on. I was expecting a few arrows directed at Obama, but although on target, those were quite limited. Rather than a typical political treatise, this book is much, much more than that and hence a much deeper and more relevant book.

"Americans need to face the truth about themselves, no matter how pleasant it is." - Jean Kirkpatrick, quoted by D’Souza

D’Souza defends America from the standard (but patently false) Howard Zinn accusations (The USA stole from the Indians, stole from Mexico, stole from the Middle East etc.) not with a reactionary "patriotic denial" sometimes seen, but rather, by examining the facts (what an idea!) from the standpoint of an immigrant himself (he was born and raised in India). He also looks at what the American form of government and economy have enabled, rather than dwelling (though certainly not ignoring) its early failures often trumpeted by ill-named progressives on the extreme left (aka leadership of the Democratic party). He ably points out what is GOOD about America (both the idea that is America as well as the nation) and its already significant place in the history of world civilization and progress. He unashamedly takes on the standard "progressive narrative" that is the result of the 1960's hippie culture that is mostly on life support EXCEPT in academia, our government, socialist/Marxist nations, and the media.

The book (and movie) powerfully destroy the far left lies regarding this great country. It shows how America is NOT the great evil the progressives would have you believe, but it is also one of the most potent change-agents-for-good that has ever existed insofar as nations are concerned.

It is in harmony with Adam Smith’s timeless “The Wealth of Nations” in many modern regards, particularly as D’Souza posits that whereas before America wealth was largely gained by conquest (aka stealing from others), American wealth is now created by inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses throughout our realm. America’s economic system as designed expands the pie—it does not just take it from others and redistribute it!

On the non-economic side, he deals honestly with difficult issues like the American Indians and slavery during our first century.

In what could be a scene from National Treasure, he devotes an entire chapter in the book (but not in the movie) to our national Great Seal motto from our Founders – Novus Ordo Seclorum – which translates as “A New Order for the Ages”. The import of this is not lost on D’Souza, who recognizes that prior to America the standard “world order” was that governments (monarchs and dictators mostly) ruled by divine right, where under the American system Rights of people derived not from their rulers but directly from God, and that governments were legitimate only to protect those rights by governing with the consent of those governed. The old world order and the “New Order for the Ages” are contrasted below.

America – Imagine the World without Her is NOT a standard political book, but should be "must reading" for anyone who values the Truth about America's history and its place in the world, past-present-and possibly future.

I read a lot, and this is one of the most important books I have read in a very long time. With no exaggeration, it is perhaps THE most important by a currently living author.

Read this book – send to your children and friends. (The movie—an accurate “Cliff Notes” version is now playing in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas as well as Atlanta, Georgia. It will debut on 1000 big screens nationwide July 2 and is a “must see”.) More info and movie trailers at


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