America’s Spirit Will Always Stand Stronger Than Any Foe

I cannot remember a time in my life when our country was faced with a struggle like it is today. Coronavirus has changed everything from our work environment, to errand running, to family time. While a lot has changed, and, as this virus has waged a war on our economy and our health, it hasn’t hurt America’s spirit or her heart.

Our community, like so many around the country, has stepped up. We’ve seen neighbors helping one another by picking up groceries and goods. We’ve seen stores prioritize the elderly and our first responders by providing special hours exclusively for them. Complete strangers have bought groceries or gas for others simply because they know it is a tough time for many. Communities have even come together to help people celebrate life’s moments, like San Antonio’s Police Department driving by for a special birthday surprise for a young girl.

Individually people have stepped up in donating food, money and volunteer time. They’ve prioritized stores they rely on in order to provide a source of income for our small businesses.

There are also several folks who, while many have stayed home to work, have had to venture out to do their jobs. I’m talking about our health care workers, police and emergency professionals, grocery workers, food suppliers, truck drivers, cleaning staff and many others. These men and women are keeping our shelves stocked with food, cleaning items and more. They are taking care of our sick friends and neighbors. And, they are making sure our supply chains keep moving, and, as a result, our economy keeps going.

I am beyond appreciative for all these people are still working in our community. I know it comes as a sacrifice to many of them because they’re not only working while their families are home, but they’re often working more hours and shifts, and, when they come home, they have to be even more cautious about the virus to ensure it doesn’t spread to themselves or their loved ones.

Kindness also extends to our business. Toyota’s San Antonio plant has switched from producing cars to face masks, and their first batch is staying local for health care workers and first responders. Boeing’s San Antonio plant is manufacturing 3D printed face shields for distribution nationwide. Southstar Air Interiors in Uvalde made and donated face masks for the Uvalde Memorial Hospital. Distilleries and some breweries across Texas are making and distributing hand sanitizer to show the world that we are #StillStrongTXExxon donated $100,000 to the West Texas Food Bank. That is just the tip of the iceberg on the generosity of our businesses.

We live in an amazing community in an incredible country. I am so appreciative for everyone who makes the 23rd district of Texas such a great place to live and represent. Every person has had to deal with this virus in a different way, and it has shown all of us that the strength of America’s resolve is immense, and that kindness never disappears even on a dark day.

Thank you to everyone for stepping up during this time to do what they can for others. I am proud of our community, our state and our country for looking out for one another especially in times of struggle. America’s spirit will always stand stronger than any foe, including Coronavirus.


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