Announcing the Texas Veterans Initiative

Texas veterans are on the front lines of keeping our country safe, but too often our men and women in uniform are not given the care and benefits they deserve. As a part of his new Texas Veterans Initiative, I plan to introduce legislation to improve access to health care, incentivize law enforcement agencies to hire veterans, and enable veterans to save more for retirement. For more information on the Texas Veterans Initiative click here.

Improving Veterans’ Access to Health Care

For too long, our veterans have faced consistent hurdles to accessing VA health care, especially long wait times at VA facilities. The Veterans’ Health Care Integrity Act will hold the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs accountable by increasing congressional oversight and forcing compliance with scheduling rules.

Incentivizing Law Enforcement Agencies to Hire Veterans

Our returning veterans have valuable skills that can be used to keep our communities safe. The American Law Enforcement Heroes Act will encourage state and local governments to hire veterans as law enforcement officers via grant funding that already exists.

Holding VA Management Accountable

VA senior executives are not being held accountable, with the Obama Administration unable or unwilling to fire the worst among them. By amending the Veterans Choice Act, we can remove inadequate VA officials more easily.

Enabling Veterans to Better Plan for Their Future

Under current law, service members are limited in how they save for retirement. The Servicemember Retirement Improvement Act allows veterans to contribute the maximum to both their civilian and military retirement plans without being hindered by IRS caps.


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